An Incomplete and Incomprehensible Instruction Manual for Beginners (a pre​-​production)

by Swallowing Swords

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The LA-based band’s pre-production demo of their unreleased 12" full length, "An Incomplete and Incomprehensible Instruction Manual for Beginners". Sadly, Swallowing Swords was unable to properly record the record before disbanding, but the demo came out well enough to share, so here it is. It's a demo people, rough and honest. The band hopes it is a proper way to remember the seven months that Swallowing Swords existed, the rad shows played and the time, energy, late hours that went into their material.


released November 1, 2011

Susan Raygoza

Maureen Curiel

Guitar + Vox:
Aaron D.C. Edge

Cover design:
Aaron Edge w/ photo by Eric Becker

Music recorded with three mics (live) by Andrew A. Knopf in LA, CA November of 2011 at Bedrock Studios

Vocals recorded by Aaron Edge at Room 5 Studios (the Southern Lord office) a few days later

Mixed by Aaron Edge. Unmastered.


Always listen to the amazing trio, Swallowing Swords, on an empty stomach and preferably next to the toilet. While trying to digest the group's throbbing, jarring and chaotic sonic wonder, crossing a new nerve might cause you to retch. Don't start off with a great big, long dose; started with a small sample… perhaps only one song at a time, for a limited exposer. Take advice: blunt the edges of this whole experience by trying to relax and take what is given.

Plug in a high-powered listening device, with earphones or loud speakers. Stand straight up and with eyes aimed at the ceiling, take several deep breaths, push your chin forward and your head back, press play on said high-powered listening device and then get a mouthful of a Swallowing Swords tune - you can feel it going down in a straight line, often smooth but with a bit of grit. It is only below the stomach that your insides start to get curved. The song(s) just go straight down, as they should. But, you have to learn to open your throat (and your mind) - it is just practice. Have you ever seen how a pigeon drinks? They hold their heads back and it seems to open their throat up. That is what you need to do. This band sometimes takes a few listens for complete and total understanding. And though you may think that this is going to be too hard to handle, don't think. Feel!

If it hurts, you're doing something wrong - you're not lined up properly. If something goes wrong and you pierce the stomach (ears or eye sockets) with the band's material, you're going to get peritonitis and possibly die. It takes years of practice. But, many feel, worth it. And, some folks get it right away! You could be one of those happy, healthy listeners too!

Swallowing Swords was made up of drummer Maureen Curiel, bassist Susan Raygoza and guitarist/vocalist Aaron Edge. They have played in several handfuls of bands before this current musical endeavor. They understand what it is to be performers, to entertain, to awe.

Influenced by interesting "H"-named groups like Hoover, Hot Snakes, Hot Water Music, and Hum, Swallowing Swords mix up their brand of rock like a tornado mixes… well, you know, tornadoes: they can screw things up for people. So, become a "Master of Fire and Steel" and check out this new trio of tactful tidings.



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Swallowing Swords Los Angeles, California

Swallowing Swords was made up of drummer Maureen Curiel, bassist Susan Raygoza and guitarist/vocalist Aaron D.C. Edge. They have played in several handfuls of bands before and after this musical endeavor.

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